Sources of Strength

Some of our most basic human needs revolve around security, shelter, and feeling comforted, particularly by someone who loves us.

Not always can we hold on to those needs, or do so in a way that we would fully desire for those needs to be present.

Shelter and security keep us safe during storms in the physical world.

Likewise, we need something to keep us grounded and (that something or collection of somethings), should give us a sense of comfort in our emotional world as well.

In order to weather through the “life-storms” that disrupt our path, we need to have in place some sources of strength and comfort.

Human beings are social creatures, we weren’t meant to do everything alone.  That is why we have developed communication abilities: to problem solve, comfort, and share in our resources.

Unfortunately, having our current illnesses, we may not be that great at communicating right now.  In the past, some of us may never have found it easy to ask for help from others, long before we would need significant help.  Others of us may have been good at taking care of others, putting other people’s needs before our own.

Now is the time to realize that you are just as equally worthy of care, love, and attention as anyone else!

If you have a mental rule that proclaims that you should not (or do not) ask for help, be prepared to break that rule!

We can’t go it alone and we have times when we need help!  What that “help” entails, depends upon many factors such as: our situation, the progression of our illness, and what we are unable to do at the time.  Help – can come in many forms, such as: from the listening ear of a friend, a therapist’s guidance, or from a visiting nurse who assists you with medications.

We also need sources of strength – people we invite into our lives who can “lift us up” emotionally and give us another perspective when our mind projects only negative outcomes.

These sources of strength may not be limited to being our family members (as they may need their own sources of strength).  We may need to look for support groups, activity groups, or even hobbies and spiritual pursuits that can provide us fuel to keep facing each day with courage!

Your assignment, if you don’t already have sources of strength and comfort, is to start looking and start asking for help.

If you do have sources of strength, use them!  Keep them close by, or on “speed dial”.

Educate them about your specific condition and tell them what you could use help with.

If you go to a support group, please talk – share (yes be considerate, divide the time wisely, and honor the rules of the group).

Keep moving forward, you are worth it!  Remember, you are not alone!


Even if you have read the previous blog posts on this site, sometimes it is good to go back over them again, as you may see things that you might have missed, forgotten, or misinterpreted.  Each blog post builds on previous ones.



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