Our Contributions

Other past contributions have included:

  • Advocated for exercise, especially martial arts.
  • Computer design-based creations (that support the providers who serve those with brain diseases)
  • Authorship/writing: (published articles and books)
  • Public speaking engagements: (about topics pertaining to mental well-being)
  • Mentored professionals such as psychotherapists/counselors
  • Provided ideas to professionals and researchers who work with those impacted by chronic brain diseases
  • Served in advocacy capacities as a voice for those with neurodegnerative and other conditions including support of blogs about various mental and physical diseases.

We do not offer any professional or paid services.  If you would like to contact us, use the Contact tab or the Contact Form to get in touch with us.  If contact form is not working, please contact the webmaster at admin@illuminatedimpressions.com.

(NOTE: no solicitors, marketing, etc.).