Keep Moving!

Unless you can’t lift a single finger, it is vitally important to keep your body moving.

In study after study, exercise has been shown to be the most powerful medicine!

This is not to say that eating healthy, taking medications as prescribed, and having a supportive environment are not important, as they are!

Yet, the evidence is overwhelming that exercise is a well supported as a factor shown to keep people alive longer, and in many cases, is the strongest variable that can be used to slow the progress of an incurable degenerative illness down.

Make sure that the type of exercises that you do are approved by your healthcare professional(s), so that you don’t unnecessarily damage your body.  As with anything, you can overexert yourself, so be very careful.

Also, be skeptical when you are persuaded to engage in any form of “miracle cure” pushed by someone trying to sell you something.  There are plenty of those out there that try to push formulas, herbs, and even certain routines that have not been proven to “cure” anything.

Also consider physical therapy if you have a condition that could benefit from this.

Work with your healthcare providers, then set an exercise schedule and commit to stick to it!

Treat your body well, you are worth it!

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