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Welcome to our new blog!

Since is the first blog post, we will mention something about the writing entity:

This blog is intended to be used to convey some philosophy, encouragement, education, and information.

Information about what?

Hopefully information that inspires you to live a more full and meaningful life!

Who is writing this?

You may picture some enlightened guru up on a mountain top, spewing forth bits of ambiguous babbling wisdom.  However, that is not the case.  This blog was is much greater than any one writer.  The person conveying this information is a fellow imperfect human being, like yourself, who suffers.

The writer(s) of this blog do not claim to have all the answers. The concepts and areas of wisdom presented here, are things the writer(s) also need to be reminded of in order to stay on the path (as life can be challenging, and it is very easy to stray off the path).

There is not a dogma, religion, or anything here that you have to swear allegiance to.  There is just wisdom contained from our work with suffering individuals and from the writer(s)’ personal experiences.

There are no claims here of miraculous cures, no claims of total happiness, and no guarantees!  For that matter, there is nothing to buy, and you will never be asked for money from us!

Keep in mind that this is not intended to be medical, psychological, or any sort of professional advice, nor does any information presented constitute any sort of professional relationship.  It is take it or leave it wisdom!  Our intention is to also keep what is presented, in a positive light!  As our website mission states: illuminated impressions LLC would like to

“illuminate your impressions of life”!


The purpose is to inspire you, engage you in some thought, and motivate you to become more active in, whatever it is, that can bring you closer to the kind of life that you want to live – a life of meaning and purpose. The main audience is intended to be those living with a chronic, progressive, incurable disease (especially diseases of the brain which may potentially negatively impact emotional states).  Secondary audiences are intended to be the providers who serve that population.  The third intended audience is anyone who suffers from a chronic condition, their families, and those who care about this population.


First suggestion:

Start out by reading the home page of our website: – then, click the “read more” link at the bottom of that home-page. You will then have a good idea of the philosophy that helps us get through each day!

Take what you will from the website information. If it peaks your interest, feel free to subscribe to this blog.

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illuminated impressions LLC

"illuminate your impressions of life!"

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