Training the New You – Healthy Auto-Pilot!

Sometimes change needs to come before commitment. Commitment is not a promise, but instead a process of continuing to do healthy actions, even when you don’t feel up it.

It means focusing yourself toward a healthy direction, meanwhile adjusting your course of actions whenever you find yourself going off course. As mentioned in a previous post on this site, if you wait until you are ready to do something, it may never happen.  

Ask myself?

How is commitment different than a promise?

What ways am I showing that I am ready to commit to doing the healthiest course of actions that I can to get closer to the people and goals that are important to me?

Healthy Auto-Pilot

Most of us find that we are often stuck in “unhealthy auto-pilot”: we don’t always respond well to stress, and further, we tend to handle unwanted emotions such as fear, sadness, loneliness, anger, boredom, and emotional pain by often resorting to unhealthy behavior patterns.

As part of process of making healthy changes, we want to train our mind into doing a routine of healthy action steps, even when faced with adverse circumstances, including our own obstacle thoughts and/or feelings that frequently pop into our head.

We can train ourselves to go into healthy auto-pilotmode, and do healthy behaviors, even if they seem foreign, un-natural, or go against our desires to: run, escape, fight, or lash out against the world.  In other words, our new healthy behaviors may seem strange, simply because we are not used to engaging in the pattern of doing these healthy new behaviors.

Stay focused on what is important to you the kind of life that you want to live.  

Do actions while practicing the three L’s when obstacle thoughts and feelings surface (see previous blog post lesson).  Keep in mind, that you may not be able to get rid yourself from unhealthy thoughts and behaviors, but you can lesson their control over you.  You are bigger than your thoughts and emotions!

Ask yourself: “What sort of healthy behaviors do I want to start doing in order to ‘train my brain’ and start establishing a ‘healthy auto-pilot’ mode in response to triggers?  What new things could I do, in order to break old routines?  What actions will lead me closer to the people and things that I care about?”

Exercise: Do things Differently

Commitment (carefully consider and then answer the following questions to yourself):

I used to

Now I will

I used to

Now I will

I used to

Now I will

Remember though, that it may be easy to plan, and yet, hard to follow through, so start doing what you are able to do, right away!

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