Depression – straight talk about the reality of despair

Depression may result from any number of factors, including: changes in health, financial distress, concern over a family member, the loss of something or someone important to us, the mundane routine, the result of neurochemical changes, etc. Professionals tell us that it is abnormal to experience suicidal thoughts, or they may view us in terms […]

You do not look disabled!

This post is an elaboration of previous posts containing information about how someone with a disability may be incorrectly judged and labeled by onlookers in the public. Many of us have seen people who are parking in disabled parking spaces, suddenly hop out of the car, and practically jog into a store. We may have […]

Keep Moving!

Unless you can’t lift a single finger, it is vitally important to keep your body moving. In study after study, exercise has been shown to be the most powerful medicine! This is not to say that eating healthy, taking medications as prescribed, and having a supportive environment are not important, as they are! Yet, the […]

Use assistive devices or services to make your life easier!

If you have trouble with functional tasks such as being mobile, performing tasks that you enjoy, or even have difficulty getting up from a chair, showering, writing, typing, going to social events, or whatever, then it is time to stop allowing embarrassment, or shame get in the way of using either the traditional accessibility medical […]

Is this how I want to view life?

When coping with an illness that impacts your thinking and quality of life, you may find yourself – well, let’s just say – not being very nice to others. It may be that other people are treating you differently, or perhaps they truly are not being kind to you. Or… It could be that you are […]

Sources of Strength

Some of our most basic human needs revolve around security, shelter, and feeling comforted, particularly by someone who loves us. Not always can we hold on to those needs, or do so in a way that we would fully desire for those needs to be present. Shelter and security keep us safe during storms in […]

Don’t make things worse

Life brings pain. It is natural for us to suffer, given that we are emotional human beings. There isn’t always a simple solution to all the problems that life presents to us. Furthermore, many life issues may not have a viable solution at all. Keep in mind (as mentioned previously), when we are hit by the […]

Training the New You – Healthy Auto-Pilot!

Sometimes change needs to come before commitment. Commitment is not a promise, but instead a process of continuing to do healthy actions, even when you don’t feel up it. It means focusing yourself toward a healthy direction, meanwhile adjusting your course of actions whenever you find yourself going off course. As mentioned in a previous […]

Handling our negativity, a useful technique – Looking, Labeling, and Letting it Be

Recognize your stories: As our illnesses stay with us, it is easy to allow our life situation to develop into a bleak storyline.  In other words, often several thoughts and feelings combine into a combination of impressions called “stories”, which usually have themes (and come up frequently when triggered).  Typically, these are variations of a […]