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 illuminated impressions LLC, has contributed: creative designs, personal guidance, published books, provided professional mentoring, and freely shared our wisdom.

Our focus has been on providing information to those coping with chronic and/or progressive diseases that impact the brain and our mind, including neurodegenerative diseases and mental disorders.  These diseases may result in the afflicted person developing a negative view of life. In the past, we also provided guidance by mentoring professional providers (who work with this population of people and their families).  However, the information on this site may be helpful to anyone suffering either a chronic and/or progressive, incurable, or brain/mind impacting condition that impacts motivation and one’s outlook on life.

We have provided inspiration to those with conditions such as: Neuropathy’s, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Systems Atrophy, Alzheimer’s Disease, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Primary Lateral Sclerosis, Asperger’s disorder/High Functioning Autism, Anxiety Disorders, Diabetics, Post-Stroke, Cognitive Processing issues, Sensory problems, and those with other physical and/or mental diseases.

In other words, we have put forth our time, ideas, and creations to enrich the lives of those suffering with conditions that make life challenging.  These “behind the scenes” contributions from our agency, were made with an intention to help those suffering from these types of afflictions, in order to make their lives a little brighter!

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We are not connected to any other organizations.

Everything on this site is free!

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Our purpose for being here is for you!

Your Challenge:
(and you may fall short, but just get back on the path if you find yourself drifting)

~ Be nice to yourself, promise yourself you will not give up and that you will keep pushing forward!

~ Be nice to others, especially those who are close to you and help you along the way!

~ Reach out to others for help and support (none of us can do it alone)!

~ When you are able, do something (anything, no matter how small) to help others!

~ Keep your body and mind in as good of shape as you are able to!

~ Do not succumb to anger and negativity!  It is easy to fall, but climb back up!

Hero spotlight: Colonel Ernest Edward McClish


Lt. Col. Ernest Edward McClish was a Native American of the Choctaw tribe.  He actively served in the United States Army during the second world war in the Philippine Islands.  He organized tribes to engage the Japanese invaders by utilizing guerilla warfare tactics.  He died in 1993 due to complications of having dementia (at that time it was believed that he had Alzheimer’s disease or a related condition).

Read more about him here: A Choctaw Leads the Guerrillas


A movie about Lt. Colonel McClish is currently in development entitled

Fire in the Jungle